Fresh Peaches Ahead

Because life is luscious and juicy and often splendidly messy ...

Who Is Amy Jae?

I find it hard to answer this question without all of the "labels" we toss about ... wife, mother, innkeeper, writer.  But if you really are to know me, then you will learn that I am a lover of books, a walker of beaches, a collector of mugs.  You will find that I cry easily, worry too much, sometimes care too much ... that I love beautiful food, mysteries and writing.  Always writing ...

I believe that we are all born with work that our soul was created to do.  Writing is my soul's work  - from journaling my own life journey to connecting my heart and yours.  Writing is my way of reminding myself that while we may often feel lonely, we are never alone.  

I write about my passions and my journey to follow them.  I also write about the moments that matter in life ... the broken ones, the brave ones and the beautiful ones.  You might see posts about:

* creating a life you don't need a vacation from
* loving difficult people
* healing heartache and memories
* depression, hope and joy
* understanding what's really going on when you struggle
* facing fears that hold you back
* nostalgic stories about my life and family
* favorite recipes, books, and simply beautiful moments.  

Just like driving along a dusty road and finding a sweet little stand with fresh peaches, I hope the words I share here surprise, nourish and fill your soul with sweet joy ... sort of inspirational farmer's market where you can gather moments of beauty, humor, inspiration and story.

Because my best-laid plans sometimes (ok ... often) go askelter, I do not have a regimented blogging schedule. But I promise you this:  I will write what wants to be written and I will write from a heart of love.